We seriously made history. Scroll thru our timeline now to see how we did it.

1996 // Those gates? We bring ’em to the World Wide Web. HOTTOPIC.COM launches.

  • Our website. **quivering with fear**

    Our website. **quivering with fear**


  1. fr3ak_sho

    ♡hot topic definitely has all the good stuff 😉 ♡

    I cannot walk through the mall withwout going in hot topic. it’s impossible
    #has so much treasure #♡hot topic

  2. vivalapulto

    Hot Topic has been my go to store since I was 7. They always had and always will have, the best clothes, band, anime and everything in between needs. Thank you hot topic for being the best store in every mall ever.

  3. Delaney

    I’ve been shopping Hot Topic since I was 14 years old. It’s so funny how I used to be afraid to step into a Hot Topic store. I saw who went in and out and for some reason just thought that wasn’t for me. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine daring me to walk into a Hot Topic store, I probably would not be shopping here today. Keep making amazing and awesome stuff guys!! Happy 25th Birthday.

  4. Noctis

    its been my favorite place to go, no other clothing place really interests me besides Hot topic, along with how awesome their stores are and such~

  5. FuckingDeadBody

    Omg I just love so much the story of Hot Topic and I really really hope One day Hot Topic come in France , France are really need Store like that. I can be more proud to wear clothes from HT


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