We seriously made history. Scroll thru our timeline now to see how we did it.

1996 // We get a full-on makeover. Because who needs a front door when you can have gates?!

  • Green Neon. So blinding.

    Green Neon. So blinding.

  • The birth of our gate stores.

    The birth of our gate stores.

  • The tunnel stores!

    The tunnel stores!

  • Street store front.

    Street store front.

  • TA-DA! Our store now.

    TA-DA! Our store now.


  1. Lucretia My Reflection

    I come from the mid 90s to early 2000s era Hot Topic. I’m smiling right now because the second and third pictures bring back MAJOR memories. I even put on Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All) by Type O Negative as soundtrack.

    Good times! You should consider creating a retro Hot Topic store. It would only sell alternative clothing and merchandise circa 1990 to 2004. It would have storefront and decor as seen in the second picture. I assure you it would draw a crowd. Us fogeys like to reminisce sometimes. 😉

  2. Beck

    Oh my god, back in the mid 2000s when i was younger i used to be TERRIFIED of hot topic because of their big scary gates. i think they got rid of them (at least in my local mall) before i started shopping there myself.


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